A Letter To My Eating Disorder

To ED my enemy, As I write this I am filled with a concoction of contradicting emotions; I am angry ED, angry that you put me through hell and let me believe it was going to make me happy. I’m filled with regret at the years I lost counting calories, grams of fat, and steps… Continue reading A Letter To My Eating Disorder

Today I Realised…

I haven’t been overly present on here recently, I could say sorry but the truth is that I’m not. I am completely undeniably, unapologetic and I’m rather glad. You see, for me there is nothing more petrifying than the thought of looking forward; the future is vast, behind each corner lies unpredictability and that is… Continue reading Today I Realised…

BOOM, BAM…BINGE! 5 Steps to Beating The Binge!

Binging is a topic I haven’t really touched upon on this blog yet; why? Because it is stigmatised and frowned upon in the world of Eating Disorders? In case I am perceived as weak? Or could it be, because binging is no longer a part of my life? Binging. Did you know that over 50%… Continue reading BOOM, BAM…BINGE! 5 Steps to Beating The Binge!

Curing Control and Prescribing Power…

Control. It’s a word I’ve heard a million times and I must admit, control is something I crave. From a  young age I had my life mapped out, I was never the sort of kid who wanted to be a princess or a superhero when I “grew up”, instead I was the sort of kid… Continue reading Curing Control and Prescribing Power…

What is “Recovery” from an ED and What does it REALLY mean?

Hello, Hello! Sorry for my lack of blog posts but I’ve been a rather busy bee as of recent times! Christmas was , as always, crazy but really rather brilliant; two nights leave from the unit allowed me to enjoy cuddles with my mama under the light of the Christmas tree and a fabulous family… Continue reading What is “Recovery” from an ED and What does it REALLY mean?

Verse Of The Week

It’s Monday, so what better way to start off a week than a brand new topic; every Monday I’ll be doing a “Verse Of The Week” blog post! This week’s verse is Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,… Continue reading Verse Of The Week

You Can Be Anything, You Can’t Be Everything

Blonde Hair. Blue Eyes. Big Dreams.    I was born in Northern Ireland, a small speck on the map; for those of you that have never been here- you’re really not missing out on much; our accents are quirky, it rains a lot and crisp sandwiches are a staple food for every primary aged child… Continue reading You Can Be Anything, You Can’t Be Everything