March Recap! Monthly Memories, Little Victories and April Aims:

March Recap: Monthly Memories, Little Victories and April Aims!
 I typed and deleted this post because although it’s so easy to take each day for-granted or haze in and out of each week, March like every month has been full of memories that have made me smile! 
 I love capturing the little things and despite my mum’s protests of “Lauren do you really HAVE to capture every little moment?” – I marvel in it. (That being said, Café Nero’s new toastie range probably wasn’t worthy of a quick photo shoot!) 
 I can’t quite emphasis enough how important it is to take pleasure in the little things- we get so caught up in life’s obstacles that it can be all too easy to find yourself drained of the positives! Instead delight in the small pleasures, tiny victories and minuscule memories! 
Every tiny victory counts! March’s Victories:
1.) Spent more time with family:


 We’re all guilty of passing off a walk with mum for a catch up with friends, catching an extra hour in bed rather than eating breakfast with the family or even suppressing the occasional groan when invited into “family time”; after all, families will love us no matter what??
 I’m a 17 year old and for the most part I live at home so I obviously spend a fair bit of time in the company of my fam; but between homeworks, appointments, mum’s work and my brothers rugby we’re simply coexisting most of the time rather than actually spending time together! 
 This month I made it a priority to spend a bit more time enjoying the company of my family (well…with the exception of my 15 year old brother because some things never change!). This extra 1:1 time came in the unexpected form of day trips to Dublin, country walks, Saturday hikes and shopping trips! It also reminded me of how much love I have for the people who have stayed by my side through and through! 
2.) Made a promise to God:
I don’t know if this falls under the “victories” category but it is definitely the biggest and most important part of my month.
 On Sunday I went to church and realised that I had “one foot in and one foot out” with God- I happily went to church on a Sunday morning but what about the other 6 days a week? 
 I realised that being a Christian is not what you do or say, but a change that takes place inside of you that makes you WANT to serve God with your actions. So on Sunday evening I made a commitment to serve God as a priority; to trust unapologetically in my saviour and trust that He is more powerful than any problem that may arise in my life! 
3.) Adapted an “Honesty is the best policy” approach:
 It’s so easy to keep everything bottled in for fear of judgement, embarrassment or just because it seems easier not to burden others with your worries. 


 But whether, like myself, you’re recovering from an Eating disorder, or you simply have a lot on your mind- a problem shared is a problem halved! 

4.) Smashed some foodie fears! 
 There comes a point that you realise that recovering from an Eating Disorder is the biggest challenge you may ever face- therefore you need to give recovery 100%! 
 This month I challenged meals out, Unknown calorie food, sweet treats, fear foods and so much more! 
 5.) Learnt to prioritise! 
 Between exams, family commitments, friends, appointments, recovery and 70 million other things, life can feel a bit hectic. 
 This month I learnt to remember the things that are important to me and put them first- believe me it makes for a much happier and healthier life! 
 I love new beginnings- they’re a chance to put the past behind me and focus on what’s ahead!
 I make daily, weekly and monthly goals to keep me focused! These can be as small as drinking less coffee or as big as getting an A grade- regardless, when setting goals I try to keep them manageable! 
1.) Stop procrastinating! 
My exams are less than 8 weeks away and I have definitely fallen victim to the procrastination bug! 
 I’m brill at making revision timetables or colour-coded schedules but following them is a completely different story! 
Side note: coincidentally I have managed to watch all the series of “Suits” ever made! Could the two be related!? Who knows??

2.) Get discharged from hospital!! 
 This one is SUPER exciting! After two years as an inpatient I am looking forward to (hopefully) getting discharged from adolescent inpatient this month! 
 I’m scared, nervous, excited and a million other emotions- but most of all I’m so proud of getting to this point! Here’s to happier and healthier months ahead! 

3.) Iron out the extremes!
 I’m a black or white type of thinker. I catastrophise the little things and am an expert at blowing things out of proportion! 
 This month I’m going to try to remember that life is not clear cut and therefore accept that whatever trials come my way I will stand strong in my faith and God will guide me through them! 
4.) Balance my plate! 
 Following macros is simply not an option for me (nor is it necessary for me!) so I have to use a bit of trial and error when it comes to what I put on my plate! 
 I fall guilty of obsessively planning my intake in advance, meaning that I don’t listen to my body! This month my aim is to try and incorporate a wide range of foods with nutrients that nourish my body and keep my soul happy too! 
 Thank you so much for reading my post! 
Lauren A Houston



One thought on “March Recap! Monthly Memories, Little Victories and April Aims:

  1. Glad to see you’re doing so well! 🙂 I must admit, I’m a massive fan of not taking the time to see all the people I should do… Sometimes I cancel plans just so I can have an early night. Haha!

    Fingers crossed for a good and happy April xx

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